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A few years ago, the Vision of The Kings became:

 love god people and life

Our inspiration for this are the words of Jesus when he was asked what was the greatest of all of the commandments. His answer was that we were to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and that there was an equally important commandment, to "Love your neighbour as yourself."

Jesus also said that he had come to give us "abundant life." The "Love Life" part of our vision is not that we create the life we want for ourselves, but that we should learn to seek God for his direction in every aspect of our lives and submit to that, and learn to be grateful for what we have in every circumstance.

Therefore everything we do at The Kings should be based on the heartbeat of "Love God, Love People, Love Life".

To help us do that, we also decided to agree some behavioural principles to guide us in the way we relate to each other.  We believe that these are principles that are to be found in The Bible, and these are displayed around The Kings Centre to remind us of the standards to which we have agreed to be accountable.

Friday the 23rd. .